I could not have asked for a better staff to take care of me during my first pregnancy! Everyone is so nice! I highly recommend Women’s Healthcare to anyone who is looking for a caring staff who will be with you through every step of your pregnancy and delivery. I had the best experience with Women’s Healthcare and Mon General. Thanks for being awesome!

-Adele Liza Dean


I cannot express how thankful I am for WHOM! It was the best experience for both of my pregnancies. I cannot thank the staff and doctors enough for creating an awesome atmosphere for myself and family. The best care ever!

-Bethany Sowards


I went to Womens Health Care for my pregnancy and had an amazing experience! The whole office treated me like family & all of the nurses at the birth center at MGH we’re amazing!!! I continued my GYN care there too after delivery.

-Kristen JR Strosnider


I love Women’s Health Care of Morgantown. Both Dr. Herring and Dr. Prettyman were so supportive of my wishes throughout my twin pregnancy, and fully supported my birth plan. I never once felt pressured to have a c-section or to get an epidural (things that other doctors caring for women pregnant with multiples often pressure their patients in to). I highly recommend Women’s Health Care of Morgantown!

– Kara Glenn