What is Midwifery Care?

Midwives are dedicated to the belief that the milestones and phases of many peoples’ lives, including growing into adulthood, pregnancy, and childbirth and menopause are normal life processes.  Midwives provide personalized, compassionate and thorough care.  This includes comprehensive reproductive care for patients of all ages, including physical and emotional care for a mother and her baby through pregnancy, labor, birth and portpartum period.  Our midwives provide care and support during the labor process and attend the birth.

What Is A Midwife And What Kind of Education, Training And Licensure Do Midwives Receive?

The word “midwife” means “with woman.”
A certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) is trained as a nurse and as a midwife. CNMs in West Virginia have Master’s degrees, and all are certified by examination through The American Midwifery Certification Board. CNMs in West Virginia are licensed by the West Virginia RN Board and carry malpractice insurance.

I’m Not Pregnant. Do Certified Nurse-Midwives at Women’s Health Care of Morgantown Provide Gynecological Care?

Yes!  Our Certified Nurse-Midwives take care of the reproductive health needs of patients of all ages – including annual exams, contraceptives, STI tests and more.  Patients do not need to have prenatal/childbirth care at Women’s Health Care of Morgantown in order to schedule a primary gynecological appointment.  New patients are welcome to call use for gynecological services on (304) 599-6353.